Maintaining Your Spec

Maintaining Your Spec

At this point, you have gathered all the necessary information to start tracking data in Mixpanel.  Passing this along to a developer should give them a great jumping-off point for getting things up and running.  

In the interest of time, we limited the asks in this section to a single metric with a few events and properties tied to it.  By no means do you need to stop at a single metric.  Share what is available now to begin implementing to start gathering insights from your data as soon as possible.

At the same time, continue to follow the process outlined here.  Decide on more metrics or interesting interactions you want to measure and add them to the tracking plan.  Implementations will grow alongside your product as new features come out and teams become more sophisticated.  Starting small gives you the advantage of keeping things manageable initially as you learn a new tool.  You can learn a surprising amount from just a few key events and properties.

Be sure to ask your developers to update the tracking plan or a designated Mixpanel project manager with their progress as they go and that any changes that might come about are reflected in the spec itself.  While maintaining this doc may seem like more work, we cannot emphasize enough how much it will help down the line when bringing new users up to speed and answering questions about what is being tracked.

ACTION ITEM: Share tracking plan with those responsible for implementing.