Naming Your Mixpanel Data

Naming Your Mixpanel Data

At this point, you will have a metric or some key interactions that you care about.  These interactions need to be translated into the Mixpanel data model and added to the tracking plan along with some additional information for your end-users and developers.

Before this can happen however it is important to consider how you want to go about naming your data.  The How to Name Your Mixpanel Data article covers this topic in detail and would highly recommend taking some time to review it.  

The key takeaway for getting started is to establish a clear, consistent convention for how events and properties are named.  All events and properties should not begin with “$” or “mp_” as these are reserved for special data in Mixpanel.  Outside of this, establishing a convention the implementation follows is more important than the convention itself.

Mixpanel has the capability to change event and property names in the user interface with the Lexicon tool but establishing something before implementing will save a lot of time and headache down the line. 

ACTION ITEM:  Establish a convention for how to name your data and write it down in the tracking plan.