Mixpanel Tracking Plan

Tracking Plan

A tracking plan is a document that is the guiding source of truth for a Mixpanel implementation.  It serves to connect your key metrics to the events and properties being tracked and provides a singular reference point for Mixpanel users during the initial implementation period and beyond.

A well-developed tracking plan will not only tell you what information is being tracked and why it is important but also how and when it happens as well.  The additional context is invaluable when diagnosing any discrepancies in data with other tools.  

The rest of this course will focus on the process of developing a tracking plan. As a tracking plan is the place where business goals and technical tracking come together, it is a good idea to involve a diverse team during its development. The team should include someone from each department using Mixpanel that will be able to speak to the metrics that matter to them, someone who will be involved in the actual analysis of the data, and a developer familiar with how your application functions.

Below you will find some simple vertical-specific examples of tracking plans.  Use these as inspiration as you get started with your own spec.

ACTION ITEM: Gather your team and download the tracking plan template (here).