Course Overview

Plan Your Implementation

Mixpanel’s advanced tracking capabilities mean that what information can be tracked is highly customizable.  We give complete control over what data gets sent to a project and when it happens.  This gives you the power to get the exact information you want for the most accurate and insightful analysis possible.

Deciding what is important to track for your product, when it should be tracked, and making sure everything is functioning as expected can seem like a daunting task.  This course is meant to help with that.  Here we will walk you through the Mixpanel way of planning an implementation and give some practical advice on how to get started if you are stuck and what you can do to help maintain a healthy implementation from the start.

Action Items in the Course:

ACTION ITEM: Gather your team and download the tracking plan template (here).

ACTION ITEM: Define a key metric you want to measure/impact with Mixpanel.

ACTION ITEM: Add the events and properties you want to track for your key metric.

ACTION ITEM: Share tracking plan with those responsible for implementing.