Mixpanel Developer Documentation

Mixpanel Developer Documentation

Mixpanel offers a variety of software development kits outlined in our developer documentation to assist with your tracking.

For tracking data from the client-side we offer SDKs for:

Server-side SDKs include:

If there is not an SDK available for your specific use case, you can use the HTTP Spec to send information to Mixpanel.  Tracking via this method does not offer many of the convenient features in our SDKs, but gives the ability to implement Mixpanel on any device that can connect to the Internet.

The developer documentation also contains information on our various APIs, data pipelines, and messaging services.  The import endpoint can be used to import any event data from outside sources into Mixpanel if necessary.

ACTION ITEM: Based on your product and the events and behaviors outlined in the tracking plan, determine which Mixpanel SDKs to use when implementing your tracking.