Course Overview

Mixpanel Implementation

Implementation refers to the process of configuring your product to send data to a Mixpanel project.  Mixpanel requires a programmatic implementation where Mixpanel code is added in tandem to that of your product.  As such, implementing Mixpanel is best handled by software developers who are comfortable working with your codebase and understand how it functions.

The Plan Your Implementation course asks users to create a tracking plan that outlines what events and properties should be tracked and when.  This course will focus on using that document and Mixpanel’s SDKs and APIs to start tracking the events and properties outlined there.  We will briefly review the tracking plan, introduce you to the developer documentation and other resources that can help during the development phase, and highlight some of the high-level concepts and tools implementers should be aware of when adding tracking code.

Action Items in the Course:

ACTION ITEM: Review your tracking plan. 

ACTION ITEM: Based on your product and the events and behaviors outlined in the tracking plan, determine which Mixpanel SDKs to use when implementing your tracking.

ACTION ITEM: Locate your project token and initialize the Mixpanel SDK.

ACTION ITEM: Add tracking for an event based on what is outlined in the tracking plan, perform the corresponding action, and check for the event in Live View.

ACTION ITEM: Add tracking related to user profiles and identity management.  Check the Explore report to make sure profiles and properties are being created correctly.