Account Overview

Account Overview

Before looking at your individual Mixpanel account, we need to take a quick look at the Mixpanel admin system. Your Mixpanel account is part of at least one organization and any number of the projects owned by the organization. An organization is the entity that connects Mixpanel plans, projects, and accounts together. Projects can be thought of as containers for your Mixpanel data which are often separated by some logical criteria, testing (dev) versus production data, for example.


A plan determines what features all projects in the organization have access to in Mixpanel. Access to features for each account can be further limited by organization and project roles. Your account will have one organization role for each organization and a project role for each project it is a part of

Organization and Project Roles

The Organization Roles and Permissions article and the Project Roles and Permission article have more information on the respective roles and what each has access to in Mixpanel.