Events and Event Properties

Events and Event Properties


An event is a data point that represents an interaction between a user and an application or website. Events can be a wide range of interactions. For example, a music service might track a new user signing up for an account or a user playing a song as events.

It is important to determine which user actions are important to collect and later analyze. You should track those actions as events.

Event Properties

An event property is a detail about an event.

To elaborate, event properties are descriptive key-value pairs associated with an event, either describing the event itself or the user who performed that event.

When determining which events to collect, it is important to specify which details about that event should also be collected. Event properties are important, as they provide the necessary context to break down and filter your event data and answer meaningful questions.

For example, when a new user signs up and you track that action as an event, the type of plan they signed up with can be collected as a property of the “Sign-Up” event. If a user plays a song, the title of the song can be collected as a property of the “Song Play” event.


Once tracked, events and their properties are immutable, meaning they cannot be changed.