Access Project Settings

Access Project Settings

As the name implies, project-level administration allows you to control settings and access in an individual project in your organization.  Access to these project-level tools is determined by your project role.  Project owners and admins will be able to access project settings for the currently active project by clicking the Settings gear icon on the right-hand side of the Mixpanel navigation bar.

When you first enter project settings you will see the Overview page.  This page contains general project information and settings.  As someone in charge of a project, it is best practice to quickly review the settings and ensure things are set up to your liking. Take extra care with the Timezone setting as changing this after data has been ingested can lead to brief gaps or periods of overlapping data.  

Project Timezone

Learn more about project timezone here.

The other settings in the Overview page affect query-time behavior and can be changed at any time without altering your data.

ACTION ITEM: Review project settings.