Provisioning Accounts

Provisioning Accounts

Another key function for organization administrators is provisioning Mixpanel accounts to users.  Mixpanel offers two different ways to invite users and set permissions from organization settings.  The first is by user, meant for provisioning access and roles at the individual account level.  The other is by teams, which offers a means of provisioning project access and roles to groups of similar users.


The Users tab in your organization settings contains information on all users in an organization.  From this tab you can invite new users, modify current users access and roles, and delete users from an organization.  The Users tab is the only place you are able to alter an existing user’s organization role.

To invite and assign roles to users individually click the + Invite Users button and use the Invite to Project option. You will be asked to assign the user an organization role, which projects they should have access to and give them a project role for those projects.

Pro Tip: Other Invitation Methods

You can access this same invitation modal using the Invite Users option seen in the Settings gear in the upper right-hand corner.


Teams gives administrators a method of assigning projects and project roles to groups of users.  Instead of having to assign everything individually to each account, you can create a team that has project and project role assignments and then add users to the team to give them those permissions.

Teams can be created from the Teams tab by clicking the + Create Team button.  You will first need to give the team a name and then you can assign projects and project roles to it.  After adding projects and roles you can begin adding users to the team.  

Users who are already part of your organization can be added directly from the newly created team’s page.  To invite users who are not yet part of your organization you will need to use the + Invite Users button from the Users tab or Invite Users from the dropdown menu after clicking your name in the navigation bar.  From there you can use the INVITE TO TEAMS or the BULK INVITE tabs to give users an organization role and invite them to a team.

ACTION ITEM: Invite users to your organization and projects using teams or as individual users.

Other Organization Settings

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