Mixpanel Administrative System

Mixpanel Administrative System

In the Mixpanel administrative system, there are four main components: organizations, plans, projects, and individual user accounts.  An organization is the controlling entity that links projects, accounts, and a plan together.  Each organization has a single Mixpanel plan associated with it and that plan is what determines the data volume limits and features available across all projects in the organization.

A project is a container for your product's analytics data.  Projects house the events, properties and user profiles ingested by Mixpanel which can then be queried with Mixpanel’s web interface and APIs.  A single organization can contain multiple projects and each project’s data tallies are summed together to give the organization-level usage.


Finally, there are the individual user accounts that members of your organization use to login to Mixpanel.  An account must be part of an organization but it does not need to be part of all projects in the organization.  Each account will have a single organization role per organization and one project role for each project it is a part of.  These roles can further limit what an account will have access to in Mixpanel.

Permissions and Roles

As someone responsible for administering Mixpanel, you will need to be familiar with the various roles available and the different permissions each role grants.  As previously mentioned, there are two different kinds of roles, organization and project roles.

The permissions granted by the two types of roles are primarily independent of each other.  Organization roles control access to things on the organization level like project creation/deletion, billing and plan information, SSO setup, and Team creation.  You can read more information on the different organization roles and what each has access to here.

Project roles control what Mixpanel reports and features are available to a user and whether or not a user can access various project-level settings. Information on the different project roles and what they have access to can be seen here.

Pro Tip: Organization Owner and Admin Roles

Organization owner and admin roles come with inherited project roles of project owner or admin respectively for all projects in an organization. This means users with those organization roles will, at minimum, have owner or admin-level project access even if not directly assigned that project role.