Saved Reports & Dashboards

Saved Reports & Dashboards

As you start using Mixpanel in your own project, you will likely find yourself returning to many of the same reports time and time again to see how your metrics change over time. Depending on the complexity of the analysis, it could be rather tedious to have to rebuild a report query every time you want to see updated numbers. In this lesson we will learn about two features that Mixpanel offers that help remedy this problem.

Saved Reports

If we have built a report that we think we will want to eventually revisit, we can save the report so that we can easily access it in the future without needing to redefine the query.


Once we have saved some reports, we can go one step further by adding these reports to Dashboards so that we can monitor our metrics side-by-side.

Pro-Tip: Multiple Dashboards

Create different dashboards for different purposes. For example, you could have a private dashboard for personal metrics and a separate shared dashboard for team metrics.