Custom Events

Custom Events

Custom events allow us to use existing events and properties as building blocks for creating entirely new events. Once a custom event has been created, it can be used across the various Mixpanel reports just like any normal event that has been sent to our project. There are two primary use cases for custom events – let’s take a look at both.

Filtered Custom Events

Let’s say we find ourselves commonly needing to analyze signups on our free plan. Rather than having to repeatedly apply a filter on the “Sign Up” event using the “Plan Type” property, we could instead create a “Free Sign Up” custom event that bakes this filter directly into the event. We can then use this “Free Sign Up” custom event without needing to manually apply the property filter each time.

Compound Custom Events

Let’s say we want to know how many users go on to play or purchase a song after signing up for a Music Finder account. In this case we could create a custom event that combines the “Song Play” and “Song Purchase” events, and then use this new custom event as the second step within a two-step funnel with the first step being the “Sign Up” event. This way, if a user plays a song or purchases a song after signing up, they will be counted as a successful conversion within our funnel.