Number of Active Users

Number of Active Users

Measuring the number of active users over time is a common way of analyzing the growth of a product's user base. While this is a fairly universal metric, the definition of an "active user" will inherently vary from company to company – let’s look at a couple examples.

Simple Example

The most basic way to define an active user is by identifying a single event that the user must perform in order to be considered active. For example, let's consider any user that has played a song in Music Finder as an active user. In that case, we can simply use the Insights report to show us the unique number of "Song Play" events as a line chart over time.

By adjusting the time interval, we can switch between analyzing the number of daily, weekly, or monthly active users.

Alternatively, we can use Insight's built-in DAU, WAU, or MAU function as a shortcut for building our active user report.

Complex Example

Let's say we change our minds about how we want to define an active user – now we only want to consider a user as active if they have played at least 3 songs. To calculate this more advanced active user metric, we would first need to use the Cohorts feature within Mixpanel to define a group of currently active users.

Next, we can view this cohort within the Insights report to see how the size of our active user cohort has changed over time.