Clean-up Tools

Clean-up Tools

Lexicon offers a variety of other data management functions to help keep your project organized and easy to use.  One such function is the ability to change the display names for events and properties in a project.  This can be done by clicking the box under Display Name when hovering over an event or property in Lexicon.  

Adding a different name here will change what the event or property shows up as in the Mixpanel dropdown menus.

Other useful functions appear after selecting events or properties with the checkbox next to their name. Options include the ability to hide, merge, or drop the selected items.  

Hiding events or properties will remove them from the Mixpanel UI so users cannot see them.  The merge feature can be used to combine any events or event properties with duplicate data.  Neither of these alter the underlying data and can be undone at any time.  Dropping events stops Mixpanel from accepting an event at ingestion.  Any events dropped cannot be recovered so access to this feature is limited to project owners.

Pro Tip: Missing events or properties?

By default, Mixpanel will hide any events or properties in the user interface that have not been sent to Mixpanel in the last 30 days.  This applies to everything except custom events which will persist indefinitely.

ACTION ITEM: Clean up any unwanted or incorrect events or properties in your project.

Lexicon Overview

Still have questions about something in Lexicon?  This article goes into a bit more detail on each feature available.