Documenting Your Data

Documenting Your Data

Lexicon gives users the ability to work with all different types of data in Mixpanel.  Events, event properties, custom events, and user properties are all available to document.  You can use these descriptions to give needed context on what an event is, and how exactly it is triggered in your implementation. 

To add a description, search for the event or property and click the box that appears under the description field.

Clicking into an event also gives you the ability to add a description and other information to the event.  This page includes all properties that are associated with an event.

Any events or properties coming from Mixpanel automatically have descriptions in your Lexicon.  A newly added event or property description will show up next to its name when you hover over it in a Mixpanel report.  

ACTION ITEM: Check your tracking plan.  Add descriptions for events and/or properties as they are implemented.